Wrote down the permission system this website will be working with.

7. Public:

  • Access to home, public news, memeberlists and guides
  • Can read the public forum

6. Registered:

  • Same as public
  • Access to registered forum and can write topics
  • Appears in memberlists
  • Can be promoted

5. Authors:

  • Same as registered
  • Can submit and edit their guides

4. Clanmember:

  • Same as authors
  • Access to clan internal content

3. Clanadmin:

  • Same as clanmember
  • Access to admin forum
  • Can edit/ban user profiles
  • Can edit all pages
  • Can promote/degrade registered, author, clanmember
  • Can open a poll for promotion of a clanmember to clanadmin (Will be executed when at least half of the current clanadmins voted yes)

2. Websiteadmin:

  • Same as clanadmin
  • Access to backend website configuration

1. Superuser:

  • Access to everything (Note that passwords are encrypted and cannot be seen but changed)