To answer concerns regarding security of user management and the website itself a quick explanation:

The website itself:

  • Is hosted by - More information about the security of this platform can be found here
  • Uses an encrypted connection provided by for data exchange between you and the server - Note https:// and the green lock top left next to the url in your browser
  • Encrypts your password. It cannot be read. I am able to overwrite it though
  • For my security, the Domain has advanced privacy settings. My Name as publisher cannot be accessed through WHOIS Lookups
  • Server backups are processed by me manually

The User Management of the website:

  • Is stand-alone and absolutely independent of the ingame hierarchy - This means for example, ingame Elders or COs are still only considered "Registered" on the website until promoted by a "Clanadmin" of the website
  • Yet, clanadmins are only determined by morphxz but can be voted for later on. In case most of the present clanadmins vote yes, they will be promoted. This feature helps to run the website in case morphxz should mystically dissappear
  • The "Rank" Information in the CoC profile is not related to permission levels and has solely purpose of showing in-game rank position

Consider this website uninteresting for potential evildoers. No currency is stored or saved. No real names are required except your e-mail adress, in case you forgot your password. The only trouble I can see is having spammers, advertisements or inappropriate content published by "Registered" Users. But that's something every Website in the Internet has to deal with.

This is not a final version and will be updated sometimes.

Kind regards

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