We are more than a clan, we're a community, a brotherhood. As we start 2018 we have over 30 active members.

Our ranks include all walks of life including moms, students, marines, you name it. All of whom are looking for a place to blow off some steam. We have some really experienced clashers but that is NOT a requirement to join if you're willing to improve. Whether you want to play casual clan games or you're determined to melt bases in war, we have something for everyone.

Knowledge and experience are key in Clash of Clans. We believe everyone deserves the chance to prove skill when time has come. Our environment allows players to improve and reach their capabilities. Prove yourself worthy and enjoy being part of deathdealer, the clan you fear to match against.

You are very welcome to join our discord server - Our platform to communicate - https://discordapp.com/invite/q8WPu7A