Discord is our platform of choice to communicate and organize. You can join us at any time here.

Use @discordname to mention players you comment or ask a question. Most people have all notifications turned off and only are notified when mentioned personally or if one of their roles are mentioned.

clan-chat: General channel for all kind of messages.

  • Type "pls help" to list Dank Memer commands.

base-calls-and-stats: War organization. Connect your base with your Discord account first. When complete, you have several commands available to call your target, list calls or list bases that weren't called yet.

  • "wm commands" List wmbot commands
  • "wm identify gamename" Connect your base with Discord
  • "wm calls" List called bases
  • "wm open" List uncalled bases
  • "wm lineup" List lineup and attacks left
  • "wm c4" Call enemy base #4
  • "wm cancel" Cancel your current call

war-room: General discussion of war and war requests.

war-mail: Channel for leaders to broadcast urgent war messages. For questions regarding a war mail or war strategy use the war-room channel.

attack-planning: Discuss your attack strategy for particular bases here.